In the episode Off-Road Go Karts, heroes Leah and Dewey shift things into high gear! They work with their teammates to build go-karts for a challenging off-road race. The hero with the fastest go-kart wins a college scholarship!

Dewey says engineering is "so much fun." And Leah told us "Engineering is something that anyone can do. I think it's a lot of fun and I think you should really try it."

So what are you waiting for?! Get building! Check out Leah and Dewey's Heroes pages to learn more about them, become a fan, and grant Leah's wish! Just click on the images below.



We visited Nicaragua for the episode DIY Playground. And our very first day there was amazing! The highlight was a trip to a tall hill overlooking the capital city of Managua. We ate ice cream from a cart, learned some local history, and enjoyed fine views of the city and Lake Managua.

We also discovered a HUGE zip line that runs high above a lake. Since we have a zip line in the playground we're building, we got super excited -- and of course we had to go for a ride! And what a ride! I've never been so high or gone so fast on a zip line. What a great way to get excited about this huge playground build coming up!

Check out our big ride on the zip line. I can't wait to go again!

Chris Gray, Roller Coaster Designer!

Meet DSN Hero Chris Gray, a roller coaster designer for Great Coasters International Inc. Chris calls roller coasters "fear machines," but most importantly he applies his creativity and engineering know-how to build exhilarating (and safe!) roller coasters. Let's take a look at his video.

Have an idea for your own roller coaster or thrill ride? Click on the image below to add your own design!


For our BUILD BIG Contest, we challenged you to take one of our activities and build the biggest, most awesome version of it you could. Meet three of our contest finalists: they took our confetti launcher activity and made it colossal! Because a BIG cloud of confetti is totally fun!!

The team wanted a challenge, so they decided to build a trebuchet launcher. A trebuchet is a kind of catapult that uses a counterweight to help launch things (like confetti). Trebuchets have been used in battles for hundreds of years.

Click on the video to see how the team brainstormed, built, tested, and perfected their Colossal Confetti Launcher.

Wow! That confetti launcher is totally party ready.

If you haven't made a confetti launcher yet, head over the Projects section to give it a try. Just click on the wish below.


And be sure to check out the Contest page to see videos from our other finalists and the BIG winner, too.

Shooting for the Sun

It comes down to the buzzer when WNBA players Lindsay Whalen and Tamika Raymond challenge the DESIGN SQUADs to build T-shirt shooters that reach their arena's upper deck. The winning T-shirt shooter is announced live at a Connecticut Sun home game.


Do you have your own idea for how to launch a t-shirt into the crowd? Share it on the Projects page by clicking on the wish below!


Gigantic Music Machine!

It's really fun to create machines that move and make music, like the pedal-powered organ in our Musical Bike episode. So we thought this video of a gigantic Rube Goldberg music maker would be great to share. Check it out!

This machine is a great example of a kinetic sculpture. Kinetic means the sculpture moves. Here's a video of Adam and Judy showing you how you can make your own moving sculpture.

Try making your own kinetic sculptures and share your ideas in our Projects section. Just click on Adam's wish to get started!


Designing Video Games!

Engineers work on many different types of projects -- some even design video games. The coolest part about being an engineer is that they look at normal everyday objects in new and innovative ways. The engineers behind the Multitouch Space Invaders game decided that they wanted to try to design a video game that didn't use a controller! Instead of holding a remote control, these engineers thought it would be fun to throw balls at the alien invaders in the game to blast them. Check out this video of the engineers playing!

Now it's your turn Design Squad Nation! Design your own new kind of video game! Share your ideas by clicking on Judy's wish:


Go for it!

Engineering Floats Our Boat!

Who's got the fastest sailboat?! For the season 3 finale, the Design Squads design and build sailboats to race across the open ocean. Will it be the Green Team's catamaran or the Purple Team's single-hulled boat to cross the finish line first? Watch the video to find out.

So, how would YOU build it? Show us your ideas for speedy sailboats by clicking on Wes's wish below.


Art That Moves

These kinetic sculptures sure can move -- and they also make music, draw, and even paint! Students at Alfred University in New York created the sculptures for one of their class projects. Click on the video to see all the different ways their projects move.

Try making your own kinetic sculptures and share your ideas in our Projects section. Just click on Adam's wish to get started!


Cardboard Arcade

During his summer vacation, nine-year-old Caine built his own elaborate arcade out of recycled cardboard boxes and tape. He made five really fun games for people to play, including a claw machine from a hook and some yarn!

Check out the video to see how he made Caine's Arcade.

Inspired by Caine's awesome creation? Then try making your own games and share what you've built on our website. Just click on Judy's wish to get started!