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ABC, 123 & More!

Coloring Page of BJ and rocket with shapes
Picture of Barney painting at an easel
Coloring Pages with BJ walking
Print a picture of Baby Bop finds shapes on a flower


draw Barney crossing the bridge
Coloring pages with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ playing London bridges
color BJ jumping over a frog
A picture of Baby Bop going down the slide

Friends and Family

A coloring page where you help Grandpa find Sarah
A picture of Barney in front of his house
Color Barney pulling Baby Bop in a wagon
Color Barney hugging Baby Bop


Draw a face on the clown
A coloring page of Barney laughing
a picture of Baby Bop dancing
 a picture of BJ dressed like a clown

Health and Safety

A coloring page of Barney in the park
 a picture of BJ and Baby Bop on a seesaw
A picture of BJ rollerblading
Barney and BJ play baseball coloring page


Help Baby Bop find her hat
Baby Bop princess coloring picture
Barney, Baby Bop and BJ dress-up coloring page
Barney spaceman coloring page


Help Baby Bop put away her toys
Baby Bop tea party coloring page
BJ and Baby Bop donate their toys
BJ and Baby Bop help a neighbor in this coloring page


 Find the musical notes printable
 print Barney, BJ and Baby Bop playing musical instruments
BJ listens to the radio
Barney plays the trombone in this coloring page


Help BJ take his dog to his bath
BJ bathes his dog
Baby Bop and Barney take a walk coloring page
coloring page of BJ, Barney and Baby Bop in the rain


Help Barney get to the bike shop
Color a picture of Barney in his car
Barney airplane coloring page
 a picture to color of Barney, BJ and Baby Bop with bikes, scooters and wagons

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