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A NARRATIVE POEM tells a story and can be about anything. Sometimes the poem's lines have a rhyming pattern. Sometimes they don't rhyme at all. Here's a narrative poem written by Arthur:

Fern holding a book.

Narrative Poem

Jimmy Goes to the City
by Arthur Read

Jimmy was a happy ape
Until some hunters caught him
He liked the jungle better than
The city where they brought him
The city was louder
The city was meaner
Even the dirt in the jungle was cleaner
So Jimmy made a daring escape!
The hunters were suddenly minus one ape!
He climbed the tallest building
Because from there he'd see
How far away the jungle was
From the middle of the city.
Jimmy jumped into a passing plane
But the pilot didn't wait for him to explain
Jimmy flew back to the jungle
And told his ape friends in their lair
"The city's okay for a visit
But you couldn't make me live there."

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